With all the firework shows

going on everywhere I thought I would ask a question in keeping with that theme.

Who will lead the team in dunks this season?

I understand I’m pulling a lot of votes.

Go ahead vote for players…

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I’m gonna go Brazile



Little Gas says Walsh.

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The dunks this season will be pretty well distributed, especially with all the fast breaks we will be seeing. I’ve got to go with Nick, since I’m pretty certain that he will be seeing the most minutes. Walsh will probably be a close 2nd.

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Sooo many candidates!

Who was dunk leader last year?

Second the motion!
UA…Campus of Champions

Stanley had 27, Au’Diese 25 and Trey Wade 19

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Obviously Scottie is going to be running ESPN or the like someday. We are lucky to have him.

Those numbers are a good guide to our success this season but just a guide. Need to be higher.


Scottie what was our team total?

All of those numbers are in Arkansas’ end-of-season game notes on the UA website. The team had 103 dunks, if I added the totals correctly.

Thanks. I’ll be glad when it’s in the box score.

103 hmmm I’ll have to check on some comparisons.

I can’t find any of that. Future media sensation I am not.

This is correct. Walsh.

I am confident this team should easily surpass 103.

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I’ll go with Walsh. He will get a lot of those off of his defensive intensity which will allow him to get in the open court and do his thing

Nick Smith. How many dunk contests has this kid won already? Will get a ton of minutes and opportunities with the ball in his hands. But ya whoever wants to run the floor the hardest will probably feast. Maybe Walsh

I think we’ll live in the SC Top 10 with AB at point guard. We are crazy athletic. Gonna need to reinforce the roof of The Bud!