With all the excitement about football

I haven’t seen anything on the 5 star basketball recruit commitment tomorrow. Is that still going to happen and does everyone still think he stays home.

OMG, Smith is tomorrow?!

Hopefully, no news is good news. We were in good shape when this was announced.

I’m thinking of attending. I’m sure Dudley and/or Richard will be there. Right guys?

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I’ll be at his announcement.


Note: He’s not signing tomorrow, with us or anyone else. He’s announcing his commitment. Signing day is November 10.

Thanks Richard. Has Nick indicated if he will be signing in the early November 10-17 dates or waiting until the regular April dates?

Although there are no doubt some who don’t know the difference between commitments and signing, I would think most on a recruiting board would know this distinction. It’s understood that all these football, baseball, and basketball players are just committed right now isn’t it?

He’s not the only person I’ve seen refer to Nick’s announcement tomorrow as a “signing”. I think some people really don’t know the difference.

I really know the difference I just spoke wrong. Sorry but no big deal. I fixed it hope no harm was done.

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I was hoping to go to “The Decision” tomorrow night but my wife booked us dinner plans with another couple! I had told her about “The Decision” several times over the last week but it was if she did not care a bit!

I told her I would be watching said “Decision” no matter if it was rude or not so I’ll be watching the livestream out on this dinner date tomorrow night! I don’t think this other couple is into sports so I’m sure they’ll think I’m a real piece of work! Oh well! I’m a hog baby!

I hope everyone has a good time that can go. I hope Senor Davenport leads everyone in a hog call!


What time is the announcement?

7 PM

Time and place is in my post above.

Sleep well, fellow Hog fans. Pretty sure Muss has something brewing. All is well on The Hill. Enjoy the ride!

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I agree I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sleep tonight!

I am


Wonder if that means he will sleep well because he is sure that he will pick the Hog ! Lol

Subtle is Dudley’s way.

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I’m guessing Dudley doesn’t lose sleep over any recruit in any sport.

Mom runs the house.


Here’s to hoping for some more great news today to follow up the football commitment!