With about 45 seconds to go

we were just dribbling the ball. They foul us (or so I thought). I admit I was reading something online and not paying much attention. After the foul, they go to review (review what?). Next think I know, Ole Miss was throwing the ball in.

What did I miss? (Again, wasn’t paying close attention, but was half way listening to the announcers, I don’t think they even discussed it).

I think they called Devo for a charge. I didn’t think it was.

It wasn’t a foul or called that way. It was called out of bounds Arkansas ball. Reviewed. OM ball. Multitasking confuses things.

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Announcers had already checked out at that point. They were on to something else that was much more important than the game they were paid to call.


Brooke liked to hear herself talk. I had to turn the sound down. She would never shut up.


Just another in a long list of reviews where we got the short end. It is a waste of time for Arkansas plays to be reviewed, just choose the outcome that least favors the Hogs and play on.

I thought Brooke did a good job.


I thought the announcers were just willing us to blow the lead. When we were up 21, they said the game was getting tighter.

I noticed that too!
“ well the player may be thinking here we go again”. That was one of the things they both talked about.

Strange last 2 + minutes. AB and Devo both committed charges with Devo also taking a shot as the shot clock expired before Ole Miss finally managed to score bringing the score to 67-57. The review followed AB bringing the ball up the court stopping to run time off at 43.8 when the Ole Miss player attempted to create a turnover with the ball going out of bounds. The near official tried to give the ball to Pinion for a toss when the second official stopped play for a review. The review indicated AB last touched thereby allowing Ole MIss a possession that was for naught. AB brought the ball back across midcourt again dribbling the ball until passing to Pinion passed to Devo who drove toward the basket leaving open at the basket for a final dunk making the score 69-57 with 6 + seconds remaining. Ole Miss tossed the ball in and ran off the final few seconds. Lots of basketball in the last two minutes with one score each. Thank goodness Arkansas had fouls to give with the two late charges or the game time would likely have been extended another ten minutes and three more commercials.

Even with the delay, I have turned the sound off the T.V. and listen to Chuck and Z. Better entertainment, specially Z when he gets his tenses wrong on some words.