With a win tonight

We can clinch the West if Moo U loses. Or fall into a tie if the opposite occurs. Obviously a huge game.

It’s real important to get the win and let Moo U continue to chase! South Carolina could provide some help if they get lucky and win at least 1 game.

Just win and control our own destiny
Put the pressure on the rest to keep up.

Yes. Tonight will be.a big win if we hold on. MSU is winning easily, but if we win tonight & tomorrow we’ll have at least a tie for the west sewn up.

And vandy is down 8-9 in the 8th after a 9-1 lead.

Very big win. 20 SEC wins & still two games to tie the school record for SEC wins. MSU is running out of chances to catch us. Hope UK can pull out their game.

Regardless, we got the first job done tonight. Couldn’t be swept & that’s now taken care of. Doxakis wil be tough tomorrow, but we’ve faced other great pitchers this year.

Down 8-9 after 9-1 lead?? Got kick out of that