With a stellar 2019, Highland Park QB Chandler Morris could join Kyler Murray in an impressive award-winning category

https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/high-s … t-45-years

Unfortunately you linked a PPV access article :unamused:

I had no problem reading it.

I could read it also

Odd. I was able to read.

Worked for me as well.

This is what I see:

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Same for me. They probably give 3 free reads per month and then require a log-in; something like that.

Here is a work around for sites like that:

Generally they will flash up the article, then after about 3-5 sec they will cover it with some sort
of ad asking you to pay for a subscription.

Well, what many people don’t realize is you can copy it before they cover it up.

Now this process may not work if viewing from other than a computer as the quick
use of macro keys on a keyboard like Control-A, Control-C, and Control-V may not be
so easy or quick on another device.

As soon as the article appears Press Control-A (that means basically select all)
Then right after everything highlights, Press Control-C (that means copy all)
Then open about any text editor and Press Control-V (that will paste it to the editor)

Now its going to grab ads and all kinds of other junk, so you may have to scroll down
a bit to find the article, but it will be there. So you can manage to read the article.

Works almost everytime.

If it doesn’t work, what most people don’t realize, is that just because a site covers content
doesn’t mean its not still there. Once it flashes on your screen, no matter how brief, its yours
to find and dig through. Generally you have to view a page as View Source and use a Debugger
but its always there to find, because your computer has to store something if its going to
display it, no matter how brief. Thats just the flaw in the whole “lets hide the content” theory.
But that is a bit more complicated to explain and requires a bit more computer savvy, so I’ll
save that for another time.

Have you ever considered using a VPN. I use a VPN for many things while on the net. Basically what that does is creates a generic IP address for me each time I turn it on. So I’m rarely visiting a site with the same IP so its hard for them to even track if I’ve used up my free views or not. If it does I just log out of the VPN and log in to a different country and bounce back and get more free. Food for thought in situations like that.