Wishbone/Flexbone offense, can a retro offense make a comeback in SEC?

If not, why not? It sure worked for OU back in the day.

Works pretty well at Georgia Tech now. Hard for defenses to prepare for in a weeks time.

GT hasn’t been able to recruit a decent passing QB to that offense. When GT gets behind, it’s pretty frustrating to watch them try to pass and catch up. Usually pretty ugly.

Yea, that was the way with Hatfield and the Flex against Miami back in the day. But, in the Oklahoma Switzer days. it was overwhelming.

Hell NO!!!

With that offense in the SEC, you would get no studs at all, athletes like to play in space

Think Georgia Tech in the ACC. Troublesome, but never quite athletic enough to win big.

I never believe it’s scheme. I think it’s players and ability to teach technique. I think with the right players and the right coaches to teach proper technique, there are many systems, schemes and plays that will work.

I think the best coaches do the same thing over and over, yet it often doesn’t look the same. But it’s the same plays.

Mike Leach apparently runs only a small handful of plays. He asks his players to understand them against every defense. Then they will work, as long as there is enough talent on the field.

I do not think systems are the answer. I believe it’s talent and ability to coach detail, discipline and work ethic.

So the answer is that those things mentioned by the original poster will work. But you better be good at QB and in the offensive line and have some speed scattered around.

Go find linemen. Lots of them. You will win.

The wishbone was king back in a day when offensive linemen were not allowed to hold to the extent they are now. As officiating of pass blocking evolved, i.e., offensive linemen were permitted to engage in limited holding, passing offenses came more into vogue.