Wish Wilkins..

Would see all of these big time commits and decide to stay home and join the crowd. I know he is gone but a part of me still hangs on to a little bit of hope.

I’ve assumed Wilkins was gone for so long that I quit reading any post about him. after all, who cares about a Sooner? No one at all, unless you live in Oklahoma. and even then, if your career is over and you’re not from OK/named Switzer, they dont even care about you, just like our basketball kids who go to Calipari U…but htat’s another discussion.

But when reading the Otey story, that our coaches wanted him to go public today, the first thing I thought was, “are they sending Wilkins a message?!”. The writing is clearly on the wall, we are headed for fun times.

So now he must choose whether to listen to his MobileHoma coach, to play for a very successful and historically dirty program that will forget about him the second his eligibility is over, or go to the home state school, where he’ll be a hero the rest of his life, ala Quin Grovey and everyone else.

We’ll see…


Quite sure he has been a “silent commit” to OU for a while now. But it’s one of the “loudest” silent commits you’ll see. At least he will finally go public Friday.