Wish our offense

Was something like LSU’s passing attack. Not only are players good, but the scheme is awesome. They find mismatches and abuse the other team. Oklahoma is getting thrashed. Way to go sec.

Sad to hear about ensmingers daughter in law.

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LSU gained 497 yards in the first half on the Paperclips. They only got 612 at home against the worst defense in the SEC (us) with a full dose of Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Burrow has thrown for 75 more yards against the Clips than he did in the full game against us.

If OU blitzes, he throws a slant where the blitzer came from. If they rush three and drop 8, he just moves around and lets a receiver work himself open. Heckuva offense, executed to perfection.

Any scheme looks great when you are absolutely dominating both lines.

They have a great scheme but some of those passes the QB is making are unbelievable we will see how great this offense is next year when he’s not back there making those throws

I don’t know how you play this LSU offense. The QB does not miss a read and understands the matchups like a pro. Seriously, he looks like an athletic Tom Brady in the pocket. His throws on the move are just unbelievable. He is going to make a lot of money soon. Obviously, you can look at about 7-8 other players on that offense that are going to be rich, too. All three WRs and both OTs are terrific. They get the luxury of resting their great RB in the second half.

I don’t know how a college QB can be better than Burrow this year… I can’t even phantom the talent in the OSU QB room in the last five years.