Wish more would listen to this


Not always true. It may be necessary at times to “toot your own horn.” For example: if asked why you are successful it is okay to tell them that you outwork everyone.

I would let someone else toot the horn. I think it’s a generational thing.

Almost without fail, if someone brags to me about how hard they work, come to find out they don’t work that hard. It’s a tell.

Every time someone tells me they shoot under 80 on the golf course…they shoot 105 when we play…just saying

lol How many times do 8 handicappers shoot a 94 the one day you play together…the worst round they’ve had in years!

LOL man I swear! It cracks me up every time.

Watch for the guy that you know plays golf often, knows the lingo inside and out, but then says, “I am a decent player, but I really should be better than I am.”

And when someone says “I’m Not Gonna Lie”…


When a buddy and I do batting practice for slow-pitch softball we do so on baseball fields. Slow-pitch usually has 300-foot fences while our favorite field is 320 (LF) and 340 (RF) down the lines, 360/370 to the alleys, and 400 to center. We allow ourselves to count one-hoppers as home runs. Outs are balls that hit the grass before they clear the infield, or that hang up in the air. Homers have to out-number outs or you buy the post-practice meal. It makes games easy. I am continually amazed at balls I think have no chance that are HR and balls that “fall in” to my surprise, but my teammates are amazed that I am surprised.

And, no need to talk about it. (OK, I get it, I just did). Few guys I play with realize that we hit 2x a week some weeks. That is 2x more than most guys we play with or against.


I would let someone else toot the horn. I think it’s a generational thing.


When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s one of the best way to end up in a fight was to be a bragger. It was looked down upon. It was a little kid thing “Look at me mommy look at me.” It is one of the most non-technological changes in society that I can think of other than the death of good music.