Wiseman suspended 10 games

Does Memphis gets Wiseman back in 10 more games?

Yes and Wiseman has to pay back 11,500$ His mom received from Penny, or has already payed it back.

He already paid it back, he now has to come up with $11,500 more to donate

That’s just a joke! The NCAA must set penalties and punishment on the fly. There’s no standard for waivers or punishment ! Close the doors and forget it!

So everyone knows the initial 11.5k to mom came from Penny. Wiseman has already paid back that 11.5k to charity. Amazing how a college kid can just come up with that at the drop of a hat.
So now he has to do it again huh.

Way I see it, NCAA just making Penny pay it back twice over while they turn their head.

Wiseman say only NCAA tools rush in. And Penny can’t help paying the tab again. Treat them like a fool, go bother some other school, cause Tiger High is ready to win again.