Wiseman leaves Memphis to sign w agent

I think he played a total of 3 games for the Memphis. Great to get the top talent, but this was certainly not worth all the trouble for Penny and company

Penny paid all that money to get his family to Memphis to play on his high school team. Then the kid follows him to Memphis and when they get caught the kid bolts.

Wow…Memphis is getting what they deserve.


this breaks my heart


If the amount (plus or minus $15,000) is correct and it helped get Penny the Memphis job and gained him all the attention on the recruiting scene and sports talk networks, I guess Penny will not feel too taken advantage of. Living in the general Memphis area and growing up watching Memphis television and actually being a Memphis fan in my earlier years, I do not mind seeing them take a hit, since they seem to have a checkered past and present , with a checkered future pretty likely as well.

You can’t get much loyalty for $15,000 these days…


Penny should have paid him rookie minimum like Wade at LSU.

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I’d keep watching. I suspect something else my have come up that would have made him staying in school impossible …