Wiscy vs. AZ St in Vegas Bowl

Wiscy looks very B1G in their all white, while the Sun Devils look very west coast in all yellow. My Az State friend doesn’t have any cable or streaming (he has Amazon Prime and Netflix, but no cable-type service). He didn’t realize his alma mater was even playing in a bowl. To be fair, he has been ill with valley fever.

I do know his feeling about those helmets. He hates the fork and was mad when they quit using Sparky on the helmets. I believe he has a tee with F— the Fork on it.

How lucky are we that we have returned (for the most part) to the traditional mascot and helmet style. Now if we would just get rid of the red wolf logos.


A State looks like Minnesota lite in those uniforms. Cannot see recruits dreaming of those thinks but each his own I guess.

That 17-year-old tailback for Wisky is a handful.

Remember that the Vegas Bowl is SEC vs. P-12 next year. So the Allegiant flights from NWA could be full. (They will replace the Mayo Bowl in the SEC bowl roster in even numbered years).

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