Wiretaps from the Adidas hoops trial released

Shady is putting it really mildly with this bunch.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … y-released”>http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/25085072/wiretap-audio-evidence-college-hoops-pay-play-released</LINK_TEXT>

Greaseball “Cal” sure hasn’t earned the right to jump on this band wagon for harsher
penalties or advocate any changes.
Every where he has coached has ended up and probation from the NCAA when he slides out to greener pastures.
He should have been banned from coaching years ago.
The coaches are just as much guilty in this pay to play deal as anyone. When the first cheating coach gets sentenced in federal court and does some time that may change the system some.
The real problem with sports under the control of the NCAA is money! The one whom investigate won’t do any thing to punish the blue bloods. The blue bloods make them too much cash. Refs call games to help blue bloods as well.
The SEC has a policy about schools notifying them before they hire a coach with prior NCAA violations. We all know how that’s gone.
Here’s the coaches we have in Basketball whom have been canned and now have jobs in the SEC
Auburn. “Lying” Bruce Pearl
Kentucky “Greseball” Cal.
Mooo U. “Honest” Ben Holland
The NCAA has ruled an Auburn player eligible to play this year that sat out last year over cash passing hands. The assistant coach is facing the music in court
And no action from the NCAA and all is well for Auburn.
LSU has a gold mine now with their coach whom the NCAA was sniffing his tracks at his last coaching gig. Now he all of a sudden has star power to sign top recruits.
Man if something smells bad you sure know it won’t past the taste test.
I wonder when the Nike slim will come out on those Boy Scouts!