Wire to wire

Beat down! Traps killed them, D was good again. Tempo was great, boarded well, good start, nice production from the 4 spot, refs tried but wasn’t enough. Great job by Coach A today, took them to school.

Arkansas led all but 1:40, and trailed only 24 seconds. That’s a dominant win.

Refs get an assist for the Aggies.

The game was won on the glass. The hogs were great on the boards. This was by far the best rebounding effort the hogs have had in a few years aginst a good rebounding team.
A&M 33 rebounds to the Hogs 45 rebounds. This showed effort. Next up the Cats!

We’ve actually got some rebounders now.

Must have started teaching it this week. HA!

That was a solid win. The Hogs didn’t let the awful officiating bother them. The rebounding was great and they limited TOs to 9.

CJ Jones hit some big shots.

C J was hot when MA took him out. That was a killer. I would like to have seen him put a few more shots up! But I do understand about keeping the players fresh with rest throughout the game. The Aggies got tired today! If the refs could have swallowed thier whistles and stoped the charity stripe express they would have lost by 30!
Hall and Gabe have shown this last 2 weeks what rebounding is all about. It’s not only the rebounds they get it’s the space they take up that also allows other players to get to the ball!

No question about it, you are right, the only thing that kept this from being 30+ win was refs. They were the only reason Tyler Davis didn’t foul out in the first 10 minutes. He did whatever he wanted. He got about 20 no calls tonight. It was ridiculous.

Gafford has learned to stay out of foul trouble, when he does that we are a different team with his presence, rebounding, & put backs.

CJ went out for Macon. Before Mike made that change, people around me in the stands were wondering why Macon was on the bench that long.

mmm nice problem to have :slight_smile:

I thought Mike did a great job of mixing Match up zone, Man, and trapping to keep A&M off balance. The match up zone helped the rebounding some. It was a great game. Now let’s go get Kentucky.