Winter storm expected this week

Probably a good thing the men are on the road at midweek; they’ll leave before the bad stuff hits. Getting home might be an issue though. Women are also on the road at TAM Thursday; Wednesday departure might be fun.

We are getting impacted here in DFW on Thursday with 80% chance of snow and below freezing temps. Not sure how far south this winter storm is going and if it will impact College Station.

at Tenn.tonight…just might fly straight to A&M so there wouldn’t be trouble getting there…only worry about home for the weekend

Suppose to hit here tomorrow night, but will not cause much if any travel problems. Snow without drifting wind is no very little problem.

It has hit Norfork full force. Snowing all day. Sleet last night. I doubt I clean truck for 3 days. My driveway is flat. But it turns onto a deep slope for my road to the highway.

My greatest fears were not realized. If we get freezing rain there is a good chance we can’t get to the Highway 5. The last mile is along the Norfork River. It is completely covered by a canopy of hardwoods. Limbs have not been trimmed in for two decades. They will break and cover the road.

It is a city road and they hardly have crews that could clear it.


Dad lives in Bryant and he texted me this morning that his deck needs a bra. Followed by a photo that, sure enough, showed two lumps of sleet pellets that looked somewhat like breasts.

Too funny!

The boob deck…

I think we have about 6 inches of snow right now and still falling.

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Another band has arrived. Let it snow.

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I live close to Barnhill, but I have my doubts about going to the Gym’backs meet tomorrow night. I’m not sure that I can get into the parking lot and I hate cold weather. Right now they are predicting more snow. Yuck.

I love me some Snow but we don’t see much in South Ms.I saw it every yr in Atlanta with varying amounts but I did see it…

As a baseball fan, snow and cold simply reminds me it is not baseball weather.

Hogs got a place to practice. I’m amazed when they play so well after practicing indoor in February. There were some great days in January but this week sucks for the baseball team.

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