Winter is coming...


. . . and there it is . . .

I don’t suppose your talking about the Night King?

Safe way to put it out there…no matter what happens, it could be perceived as “winter” by one faction or the other.

Can you explain what that means? thx

The end is near

Games of Thones reference - the world of Razorback basketball as we have known it for eight years is ending.

oh…I have never watched it, and thus couldn’t connect any sports dots.

Honestly, it seems like his tenure at the UA, this time around, more closely resembles winter. Or maybe I just forgot the high points. Regardless, new excitement around the program feels like winter ENDING, not beginning.

I hate it for CMA. The fan base never united and supported him and that’s the shame! Maybe whoever they hire there might be some chance everyone can support our new coach and our hogs!
Now HY can get graded and be responsible for the man he hires! You can bet the same BOT members that wanted CMA’s head will want HY’s head as well!
The UA needs to clean house with the ancient folks that think they know how to coach and know nothing about basketball!

Totally disagree with your assessment on support for Mike. I think the large majority definitely supported him and nearly everyone considered him a great man. Don’t confuse that with disappointment in the perceived direction of the program.

Man you’ve got to be kidding right?

Army, you are so wrong. Mike had plenty of support. He lost it year by year. His lack of recruiting and retention doomed him.