Wins in white unis

Probably nobody but me thinks about this stuff, but it occurred to me Saturday that it had been a while since we won a game in our road unis. We wore red at BYU this year, and lost to A&M in white unis on the doink.

In 2021 our only road win was at LSU (red unis due to their home whites). A&M was red unis at the neutral site. Bowl game was red unis.

In 2020 we won at Moo U and one was taken away at Auburn.

Before that it had been 2017 at Ole Miss.

So three wins in the white unis in the last six seasons. And we’ll probably wear red again at Misery as we’ve done for a few years.

Arkansas wore white at Mizzou in 2020.

You missed the white unis for Chad Morris’ debut vs. EIU in 2018.

OK, but we lost. We’ll see if they go back to the red rivalry unis. Mizzou wore black at RRS last year.

Yes I did, but then everything about those two years was eminently forgettable. So four in six years.

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I think it’s the white helmets that lose, not the white unis.


Hogs in white satin, never reaching the end
But these anthracite jerseys, are a dang bloody sin

Where is Graeme Edge when you need him?


Graeme will have left this world in one year Nov. 11. Loved the Moody Blues……

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We did beat Florida for the first time in forever in anthracite.

Have we ever won in the white helmets? We won in chrome (K-State 2016), we won in anthracite (Florida 2016) but have we won in white lids?

Yes, multiple times, but the record is not good since they were reinstated. The record wasn’t good in red helmets for a good chunk of that time, either.

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OK, we used to wear white helmets in the 40s (Clyde Scott below) and so on, but I’m talking about the last 20 years or so.


And the worst of those anthracite things were the ones with the fading red numbers. If you were sitting in the stands, there was no way to read the numbers without binoculars.


Texas Tech in Lubbock 2014

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Alex Collins special game.

Not a fan of the white helmets. Almost looks like we want to copy TX

Love the white jersey and traditional red helmet


I hate, loath, and despise the white helmets. I would love to toss them all into the Arkansas river. I hope we never wear them again. They fill me with Anger. Irritation. Rage.

I am kidding of course.

But I do not like the white helmets, and its not tradition, because as Jeff pointed out we wore white back in the pre-facemask era. I just think that once we went red with the white hog on the side, our helmet has become one of a truly handful of great looking, iconic helmets. Right up there with Michigan as the most iconic of all helmets. Along with…yes…texass

And yes…we look like dreaded longhorns wannabe’s with the white helmets. So let’s stay with red.

Wear whatever uni you want. Go 1960’s psychodelic for all I care. Just leave the helmet alone.

There. I feel much better. :wink:

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I’d hate to pollute the Arkansas river with those monstrosities. Haul ‘em down to the Red river. That would work for me.

Nobody likes them except for a few folks. They need to be fed exed down to Austin. Let the Longhorns use them for practice after taking off the Hog decals…


Don’t know any fans who like the white helmets (or the anthracite). Unsure why UofA continues using white unless surplus discount from the supplier Prefer the traditional non-metallic cardinal red despite metallic being the trend. .

Blame Oregon, a lot of athletes actually do care about having lots of uniform options.