Wins at Auburn and at Kentucky rare

Kentucky and Auburn are struggling but winning at both places does not happen. If Arkansas is in top half of league standings and goes to the NCAA tournament, it will likely be because of those two wins. No, they don’t count as Quadrant 1. But they put you 3 games over .500 in standings. Go win at Mizzou and you are in!


Tonight also clinches a winning season, not that that was in doubt. On to the Dance!

You are right Clay. Brand names matter. Sweep of Auburn is why we are in Lunardi’s and other brackets without a real resume win. This win over Kentucky will move us up in seeding.

Plus years from now, no one will remember how bad Kentucky was. We will count this as a resume win.

Much needed victory at Rupp. Hope we finish strong.

Devo Davis, Moses Moody and Jaylin Williams looked like they enjoyed playing at Rupp.


Agreed, big win for a few reasons. #1 confidence. Broke that losing streak. Beat some higher paid higher recruited kids on their own court. #2 sec standings. Let’s get that bye and finish in the top 4 of the league. #3 Fun! I can’t say it always looked like our guys were having fun all year. They were tonight! Was that Khalil Garland the first one on the court to celebrate? Great feeling for the hogs that suffered through hard times at rupp before. Winning is fun, and contagious. Hope we get on a roll! The bracketology will take care of itself

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What makes this win even sweeter, is that KY was shooting lights out on 3s. They made 54% of their 3s, and we still beat them in their house!

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Nearly unbelievable; especially in those last four minutes, we had hands in their faces, and they made 3 after 3. Very good win for the good guys.

You have to play well to beat anyone who shoots 14 of 26 and out rebounds us 42 to 33. The freshmen were great and the transfers played well. Beating Kentucky is always a big deal, especially at Rupp.

Had to be Kentucky’s best game of the season, and Arkansas still won. That’s a big, big win and great performance by Arkansas.

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And we got 2 points from Desi and still won.

That’s a great point, Swine. A big win and only getting two points from Desi would not have been possible a month ago.

I hope he’s healthy Saturday. We need all hands on deck at Misery.

Jalen Tate had four turnovers. Not horrible for a guy who handles the ball a lot. The rest of the team had only two. There was one team turnover (and not sure on that), but the rest of the team had only one turnover. That’s only six turnovers in a road game.

I think that was Tate who stepped on the sideline. Or maybe the stat crew gave it to 11 instead of 1.

Yeah, I went back and checked. It was Tate. That was one of his four.

Making those last 2 FT’s with 4 seconds left and a time out in between them was crucial.
Then of course the steal afterwards with 2 seconds left.

As best I can tell Kentucky just lost despite hitting its most 3s in a game since March 1, 2012. These things also happened:

• Brandon Boston hit a season-high four 3s

• Olivier Sarr hit a career-high three 3s … he made 1 last season and 4 the season before

• Devin Askew hit multiple 3s for the first time since Kentucky’s season opener

• Davion Mintz hit three-plus 3s for the fourth time this season

• Jacob Toppin hit his first two 3s of the season … most 3s in a game since Nov. 15, 2019


I didn’t think they could get it done at Kentucky. Really proud of this team. They showed a lot of mental toughness down the stretch. The Cats 3 point shooting would have rattled anyone. Huge win!


Desi is such a warrior, it was painful watching him try to shoot those free throws. Glad to see him back on the court, at least.


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