Winning with a Smile

There have been some great college basketball players for the Hogs and many have become loved icons. J-Will is fast moving up that list. I would not say he is yet up there with Sidney (don’t know if anyone can reach that level) or Corlis, but he is moving on up to the big time. If he keeps on with that big ole smile, he is going to get there. I just love how he plays.

This is not to take away from any of the other players. When they put on that Razorback Uniform, they move way up for me.


Amen, recall very few players who enjoy the game as much as JWil does, when I think of the way JWill smiles it brings back my memories of seeing the smile of Magic Johnson on the court. WPS

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He just looks like a big kid out there playing a game and having fun. He’s always calm and poised. It doesn’t matter who he is playing against, matched up with, he never changes. He just plays calm, poised, smart basketball. The smile on his face tells it all!

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Agree and to think FS Northside is where I played. Now include Boothead and my High School has produced their share of great players.

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JWill is starting to remind me a lot of Magic Johnson back in the day. Doesn’t play the same position, but tall, great passer, and beats your brains in with a smile on his face.

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Excellent point Jim. He loves the game and shows it with that smile.

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Going all the way back to almer.

That’s correct. And I watched him play at Northside. I was at Kimmons. Almer and Jerry Jennings we great…

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