Winning Roster: (Makeup)

Isaiah Joe, Keyshawn Embery-Simpson, Mason Jones…(Shooting Guards)

Jalen Harris, Desi Sills, Justice Hill… (Point Guards)

Doudou Gueye, Javon Franklin, Adrio Bailey…(Forward)

Reggie Chaney, Raymond Hawkins, Mahamadou Diawara… (Centers)

  • a 6’6 or taller wing/scoring guard

With this roster we can win big anything less It might be through booking on the fastest 40 story

Not a bad looking roster! Good job! Now let’s hope he can pull it off.

I hope so!

This just maybe our guy… I see this position being our Star position because of our style of play this guy could be the Swiss Army Knife we need
(But I did read he knows Gabe will he come without Gabe is the question)

I notice you left out the glue guy Gabe! I wish you would have left Adrio out as well.

I don’t know at this point what the answer is but one thing for sure they need to put some serious work in the weight room and on shooting. They need to learn to play defense and how to run an offense in the half court. The transition offense stinks as well.

Dump the dead weight!

I agree Dump the dead weight this staff can’t afford to try to wait until 2020 fill the roster now with impact players

However I think Adrio can help with leadership being a senior and leave at least one sure spot open for Chris Moore

Just two issues for me.

I don’t like the PG situation in your roster. Need a new scoring PG, with Justice as backup. I don’t think Harris and Sills are keepers. I want a scoring PG more than an assist PG.

And I like Ibrahim Ali. I hope we don’t lose that 6-10 frame.

And a lot depends on whether Gafford leaves or not. I have my doubts.

I hope the hogs can land the 6’10" kid from Fort Smith in 20 and Chris Moore.
I’m not sure Adrio is that much help I’d rather have Chaney get the extra minutes this year!

PJ I think you have a valid point on the point guard position. I however think Desi Sills is a winner and can score more effectively than he has shown. Justice Hill can score and he’s quick and worth mentioning he shut down the Kentucky point guard in a head to head game in AAU ball in Vegas. He can stay in front of his opponent. That’s a plus. We haven’t had guards with the quickness to stay in front of other guards in a while.
If Gafford comes back which i think is far fetched the hogs still need some bigs down low to help him.

Agree with your last statement. And they know it.