Winning cures just about everything...

I have been mad, frustrated, irritated and apathetic at times this year. But that win against Ole Miss surely felt good. This week we played well, about as well as our talent will let us. Most of this year I have griped about a lot of things, including Chaney’s lack of playing time, allowing Gabe to shoot or dribble, the ugly uniforms, and the assistant coaches looking like they were on medication sitting on their chairs.

But today everything looks a lot better. We have hope that if we have a good signing in the spring…we might be a good team next year. Hope is a good thing. We played two good teams as tough as we could this week…that was nice to see. We won a close game which we haven’t done much of this year. I can see Mike Anderson reclining in his easy chair sipping a cold one and thinking…man, if I can sign a couple of those guys I am after, we are gonna make some noise next year!

Just one little win is such a great thing. The feeling won’t last forever, but it feels pretty good.

Good post, we have to take advantage of that good feeling when we can it’s been scarce of late and we may have just played our best back to back games of the year in my opinion. WPS