Wining Starts With Defense

Today I watched AL vs LSU game out of curiosity to see how AL beat LSU team that beat us so badly and their guard sliced and diced us to a mosh. It was simpler than I thought. They put on only one defender on Waters. Others guarded their own man. Played a matchup zone that provides 3 big guys under the rim, no matter how they rotated. Waters would work and beat his defender, but when he got in, he had 3 big guys and no one to pass the ball to. As the result, LSU did not have the open lanes AR gave them. It was a struggle and loss at the end. In AR vs MO, our press worked for a while, until MO settled down, and started passing the ball around for a good shot, and took advantage of AR’s defensive board put back. With two put-backs and a 3-pointer tied the game. We made two turnovers, that put them up by 4. We kept our composure, feed the ball inside twice with good results and went ahead. Then lady luck saved us from two attempted 3-pointers. Press plus double team may work some; we must be flexible and open to change as necessary.