Wingo liked what he saw in latest visit

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Did Ronnie enjoy his time here? I would think that would play a huge role with his younger brother.

He did. He’s still very close to Cobi and Knile and some others.

He obviously would’ve liked to play more but to his credit he didn’t leave bitter. Wingo Sr. is very fond of Arkansas. I won’t say Ryan will be a Razorback because it’s way too early but if Arkansas wants him and recruits him hard, they’ll be in the hunt for sure.

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If? Unless he is way over rated, how would they not

You can see the speed here. Hard not seeing him getting into the 10.4s or less by the time he’s a senior.

Ronnie got 267 touches in four years and 15 TDs. It’s not like he was getting splinters on the bench.

Richard - am I recalling the recruiting details for their brother Raymond correctly? I think he canceled his official visit with the Hogs and visited Mizzou instead then committed shortly after that.

Could Raymond be trying to steer Ryan to Mizzou?

Not happening. No steering there.

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That’s good to hear. Thanks, Richard.

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