Winged Foot taking on the pros

It is still early in the final round for the leaders, but there is only one player under par today (DeChambeau, -1 after 4 holes.)

Oops, about the time that I posted that, Justin Thomas birdied 11 to go to -1 for the day.

That’s a tough Golf course!! So many ways to add up to a high score.

I’ve seen several people complaining about how hard the course is. My feeling is this is the championship between the world’s best golfers, surely it should be tough.

Tough for sure but when only two of the best players in the world can be under par you have to wonder was it actually Fair?

How could it be unfair when they all have to play great to even break par?

Par should not be a lay up.

Once I posted that, DeChambeau began putting on a clinic. He is at -3 for the day. He has hit 23 of 56 fairways this week. He has been criticized for that and the pundits have claimed that he couldn’t win playing like that. He leads by 6 strokes and is the only player to be below par (with one to play.)

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That was one noisy golf course.

When you have the best players in the world playing and only two can break par,the course is set up too hard.They didn’t have to play great to be under par they had to play unbelievable!.
When you have some of the best players in the world 10 and 15 over par that should tell you something

I do not contend I know that much, but was not the concept for par started many years ago and the equipment was much more crude so I would think great players should beat par regularly. I agree something must be different here as few can even get par.
But obviously, the idea is to find a winner and all have an equal chance.

Well to be honest with you Bob I kind of enjoyed watching them struggle though kind of makes them feel like us normal golfers feel when we play :joy:

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Back in my day, I never broke 80

My best was 71 but was about a 10 handicap depending on the course. Haven’t played in a couple years need to get back out in the least hit some balls now that my shoulder is well enough to.

The U S Open prides itself in having nearly unplayable rough. In just the last 9 years, it was won 3 times with a score of one over par. Occasionally a great golfer will throw in a double digit under par score. But he’ll usually win by 6-8 strokes.

It’s the US Open. It’s not a REGULAR tournament. Set it up as hard as you want. That’s the US Open. I don’t want a birdie fest in US Open.

There should be no easy holes. Test the best players every shot. You will find out who is best over a tough 72 holes.

There are other tournaments that you can shoot 20 under. Not this tournament.


Supposedly several years ago a US Golf Assoc president was asked about the harsh setup of a US Open course: “Are you trying to humiliate the best players in the world?” His answer" “No, we are trying to identify the best players in the world.”

The U.S. Open is our country’s national championship in golf. Winged Foot is a brilliant design and is still a great test of golf. The ball and the equipment may have made almost every course obsolete, but not Winged Foot. Bryson DeChambeau played spectacular golf. Not only can he drive it crazy long, but his scrambling and putting were sensational. Plus, he showed he has the mental toughness to win a major. I can’t wait for the Masters, even if it is in November.

The next two majors will be at the Masters. Yes, everything these days is unique. We get two straight Masters for majors.

What difference does the final score mean. The player that handles the conditions the best wins. I get tired of the courses that are set up for a driver, wedge and soft greens (where everyone is under par). That proves nothing other than who has the hot putter that week. Why shouldn’t the best players in the world be challenged once in awhile. The only other way to change that is to change the compression of the ball (and that’s what Nicklaus thinks should be done). The origin of golf was in England and they play links golf and when the wind comes up players fight for their life to make pars. Everything in today’s world is set up so that things get easier and easier. Look at kids sports. Everyone gets a trophy if they participate. Then, on to AAU sports where young kids get free equipment to play for the teams so they can win. Life is a challenge and we all face difficult times so why shouldn’t golfers do the same (at least once in awhile).

The US Open has a long history of providing a very tough course for the games best golfers. I read an article yesterday that said, over the tournaments’ 100 or so years, the most prevalent winning score was 4 under par (10 times). The 2nd most prevalent winning score was 1 over par (8 times).

It’s almost always a great test for the world’s best golfers.

I broke 80 once. Of course we were only playing 9 holes. :flushed: