Wing Zhaire Smith

Has received an offer from Arkansas.

any chance of him committing this weekend?

Like this kid.

Richard, Dudley, RazorAg, if you’ve seen him, how does he compare with Garland?

I was told yesterday that he is a different type player than Garland and they feel like he is the best player available and can make an impact next season.

He appears to be the real deal! It would be nice to land him. Any chance he is a guest on the recruiting show?

I haven’t seen Zhaire play other than highlights, but I would assume he’s more of a 3 than can play the 4 in small lineups and Garland is a guy that can play the 1, 2, or 3. Would you say that’s accurate? Also, did you guys get a chance to interview Zhaire?

Interesting comment

Yes, he apparently is more of a true 3 while Hall is more of an undersized four at the moment and Garland more of a 1-2 with emphasis on the 2 right now

I’m told they are really drawn to Zhaire’s defense, but he is also a dynamic offensive player.

Tells me that they don’t believe there is a point guard or big man out there that they are willing to take a chance on and have the capability of landing.

That’s what I was wondering, thanks.

On Garland is he a shooter? Saw him run down several open looks on Thursday in Magnolia, doesn’t appear to be a good shooter at all.

Garland is shooting 55 percent or so from the field this season and over 40 percent from 3 at last check.

So there’s that.

I just want us to get taller and longer at the 1-3 positions. 6-5 needs to be at the 2 or 3

Comments: Based upon what I’ve seen thus far Trey has really come on as of late. He just may be the big to play with Gafford and our other fours with a season under all of their belts. The same could be said for Glaser our redshirt point guard.

I’m in love with this kid’s game. If he grows to be 6’7" and works hard, he has NBA potential. Initially, all I thought he could do was dunk, but then I’ve watched a lot more film. He has a nice crossover, mid range game, and his step back jumper creates nice space. I’m more excited about the energy he would bring on the defensive side. Long guy with quick leaping ability. Call me crazy, but I think we might have a diamond in the rough. I like him way more than both of the wings we signed in November

Everything that I’ve seen on Glasper is that he is a 2 not a one. As for PG, both Garland and Garland’s dad have said they believe his best chance at being in the NBA is by being a PG. Dudley has even said Garland fancies himself as one. I believe that’s the real reason CMA isn’t going after a PG in this class, he is going to let Garland have a shot.

I see Smith as a 2. Hall, who, everyone says is underrated in his ball handling and shooting will be the wing. So, the 18-19 class, I expect the starting five to be Garland at PG, Smith at SG, Hall at SF, Perry at PF, and Gafford at C. That’s a pretty good starting five, and we will have a full compliment of players, with almost no drop off coming off the bench. Been a long time since we’ve had that.

I agree. I think Smith will be more ready to play the 3 next year than Hall will be though. If we can get a player like Gafford to stay for more than two years then we have potential to be a top 10 team in 2019 lol

Arkansas will miss Hannah’s 3pt shooting…

Now let’s assume in year 2 which is when most JUCO’s make a substantial leap in playing ability if Arlando Cook or transfer Dustin Thomas improve their outside shot we should be a viable challenger for a SEC CROWN in 2017-18 with whats returning plus the 1,2 & 5 positiion should be very potent offensively & taller/deeper.

I just got watched some more video on Zhaire on his Hudl page, and I agree with you, really love his game. People talk about Bailey’s and Hall’s athleticism, but Zhaire may have a better vertical than these guys, he’s 6’4 or 6’5 (depending where you look) and his head is by the rim on most of his dunks. Also, he really loves to block shots. I’d be ecstatic if we land him.

There’s no maybe to that question bro, his vertical is 40"+. I don’t know if we’ve had someone as athletic is this young man in a very long time.
And no, I haven’t forgotten about Qualls. Qualls was probably more explosive but Z can float jumping off both feet and also is extremely fast. Don’t get caught up too much on his dunks either, watch his other film also. He has very good passing vision, mid range game, and a smooth step back. And above all, he’s a very humble and well mannered young man. I’ll be sick if he signs elsewhere but I don’t see that happening at this moment…