Win Win Win!

great job Defense and very good job of just eliminating any chance of mistakes on offense…good job by everyone!

Yes the team still has that grit. Good for them to get that W.

That last drive was over 70 yards and took an amazing 8+ minutes!!

Great win and great feeling for players, coaches and fans :smiley: It feels so good, one game winning streak! Let’s make it 2 against Vandy.

An SEC win for this team would be huge. Big difference between 3-9/1-7 and 2-10/0-8. Bielema never got out of the pit he dug by starting 0-13 in the SEC.

Great win for this team, showed up on homecoming day with some fire and grit. This is not a good team as far as win vs losses, but you have to admire guys who show up work hard and focus on getting better every week. It would have been easier to throw the towel in after our early losses and say wait until next year, but that didn’t happen by the players or coaches which gives me hope. Who knows how things will turn out with the remainder of the season but today a win feels so good and to see the guys laughing and enjoying the moment is priceless. Refusing to quit is what this bunch is feeding on, my hope is come the end of this season we are calling this team overachievers and we remember this group as the ones who began our ascent in the Sec.We are nowhere near being even a blimp on the radar of the Sec but I truly believe we are no long spirally downward but instead are beginning what will be a long slow process back to being competitive. Good job Hogs !! WPS

Amen, Hogbacker