Win tomorrow clinches double-bye for SEC tourney?

I think it would clinch at least the 3rd seed. With a win tomorrow, worst we could do is 11-6.

Bama can still finish ahead, as can Florida or Tennessee but not both as they play each other next Saturday. If UT wins out, they finish 12-6 and UF can’t catch us by virtue of their 6 losses and loss to us. If UF wins out, they finish 11-5 and UT can’t catch us with 7 losses. If we beat LSU, they can’t catch us with 6 losses and the tiebreaker moving from head-to-head (1-1) to record against #1 seed (LSU is 0-2 vs Bama). Nobody else can catch us because they have too many losses.

I think that’s correct. It would definitely have been true if they didn’t schedule makeup games on the 6th.

Even though makeup games are scheduled don’t mean we will actually play A&M! I won’t believe that game is happening until the opening tip!
That would stink for our hogs to end up as a 5 seed because of 3 postponed games against the Aggies!
Win tomorrow and beat S Carolina and it won’t matter.

That’s the thing. A win tomorrow and it doesn’t matter if we lose to SC and aTm. We’d still be no worse than 3rd.

In fact, I think a win in any of our last 3 clinches at least 4th.

Losing to S. Carolina or Texas A&M could cause a lot of damage! You don’t want those type losses on your resume headed into the dance for seeding.

Standings if we win tomorrow:
Bama 14-2 or 13-3
Hogs 11-4
Florida 9-5 or 8-6 (play @ UK)
LSU 9-6
EOE 10-6 or 9-7 (@ Bagmen)
Two teams have seven losses and could catch us if we go in the tank; we beat both of them and thus have the tiebreaker:
OM 9-7 or 8-8 (@ VU)-- actually OM at 11-7 would pass us at 10-7, there won’t be a tiebreaker unless they get a game cancelled against UK or Vandy
UK 8-7 or 7-8 (FLA)

Misery doesn’t play tomorrow because the Aggies can’t get their act together, so they will finish 9-7 at best. Thus they can’t catch us even if we go in the tank…

Florida could finish 11-5 to our 11-6, if they beat the Jellycats, Misery and Tennessee.
EOE could actually play all 18 games and finish 12-6. Our 11-6 would top their 11-7.
LSU could finish in a tie with us, we would have split the season series, but we beat Bama and they didn’t.

So I do believe we clinch third with a win, since the Wallets and the Viles can’t both win out. Win two games and we finish second. OR… if Arkansas, Kentucky and Auburn all win tomorrow, we clinch second.

We know that, Army.

Sometimes people can’t get out of their own way. The condescension never ends. You bring a lot of useful information to this board and most of us appreciate that. But you also bring a never ending attitude like demonstrated above and that gets really old. Lighten up Francis.

Swine gonna be Swine. Besides, he ain’t here to make friends! We ticks him off! :sunglasses:

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