Win today 10 Monday

FSU lost and Nova lost…that would be outstanding.

No doubt. West Virginia also lost twice since last poll.

Ohio State lost as well.

Thats a loss today by:
#6 (and a second loss on Tuesday)

Could move up 3 spots.

Could move up four if Houston loses to Memphis tomorrow.

Could move up 4 depending on how far they drop #6 and #7.
It will be an interesting poll this week.

tOSU lost to two top 10 teams. I don’t know that you can ding them too much. WVU lost to two ranked teams but did win a game this week, beating TCU. I’m not too awfully concerned about the polls but top 10 would be cool. I’d rather be in the committee’s top 8 next Sunday afternoon.

Up 4 spots… shocked. I would have guessed 3 and expected 2.

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