Win or lose on Friday....

Win or lose on Friday (hopefully a win) I am so thankful that Daryl Macon is a Razorback. He is so well-spoken and engaging in his interviews and this reflects so positively on not only himself but his team, his coaches, the University, and yes, even his fellow students and fans. There is really no way to value his positive impact on the University–simply a great ambassador. And his backstory of being from Arkansas and how he overcame some bad decisions with his academics in high school only makes it a better story. Great job Daryl!

Of course, I love me some Jaylen Barford too–both he and Daryl are the kind of young men that you can “go to battle with.” I love their mentality! A good coach can bring it out of players but I think fundamentally it is a part of who they are.

Obviously I am thankful for all the seniors and that they chose to become Razorbacks…but DM and JB are special. We are really going to miss them next year.

Go Hogs!! Beat Butler!

Well said!

I’m going to just hate it when it ends for them. Hope they can pull together, gather the team and drag them to a few wins.

They have been a joy to watch.

I am going to miss Barford the most. We have not had a better all-round guard like Barford. Physical strength, the ability to make tough shots, accuracy from beyond the arch, finishing at the rim, handle etc.

Agreed. Daryl has been a great player and a great ambassador for the program. I wish him great success in whatever comes next in his life’s journey. I know that few people think he will ever play in the NBA, but I would not bet against this kid in anything he does.