Win next 4 and we are a lock....

win 3 of 4 (23-8) and we are close to a lock depending on how the rest of the bubble teams play. If it’s 3 of 4 and Florida is one of them and it’s a lock.

As Hog2009 pointed out we play teams with key missing players: Hogg at A&M, Ebunu at Florida and it’s not official, but I think Maten (best Big in SEC) tore his ACL.

Auburn game (and they are fading) is key. I think we take care of business at home vs A&M and UGA.

Man, let it be so.

Got to make the NCAA tourney!

Can’t let up - got to bring it every game.

Would like to see some more D like we had against South Carolina.

Got to keep playing as a team and make NCAA.

We have made a drastic swing from hell to heaven in about 2 weeks. We have had 2 outstanding games in a row, but we need one more to cement the momentum before we go on the ROAD. The A&M game at BWA this week could be a win that locks in the good vibe between the players. The change to more Zone has helped this team as we all have seen. If we can repeat last nights performance again this week against A&M, then we may see an explosion of momentum along with playing teams that are missing some key players.

Maten sprained knee per ESPN

It is realistic to win out. Florida is not playing well without their big man they struggled to beat Miss State yesterday and got a couple of calls that were actually the difference late. I think we beat the gators at home. Georgia got the screws put to them yesterday! What was a foul on Georgia that sent Kentucky to the free throw line was not a foul on the other end.
Kentucky got plenty of help to win that one.
Texas A&M is the most important game because it is the next game to keep the team rolling. If we stay hot shooting and keep the energy on defense we win!
Auburn is a bio polar team that you never know about they are young but have talent
Put it on their chin early and put them away. Georgia will play tough with JJ Frazier it won’t be a easy win!
I hope we win out and get the 3 seed I. The SEC tournament and into the dance !
No 8-9 seed line

With the way SCe is playing after Wednesday we could be the 3 seed. Florida could beat USCe and then lose their last 3. If I’m not mistaken it would make us the two seed.

It’s wide open. We could end up anywhere from 2 - 7 seed in the SEC tournament.
South Carolina will turn the corner. Thorwell was just simply wore out this weekend. Florida on the other hand is in a different situation. Missing their big man and his back can’t stay on the floor because of fouling. They did not shoot well and turned the ball over. A lot of Zone.
I think our hogs end up the 3 seed but could have been the 2 seed if we would have taken care of business at home and at Missouri. Those losses to Missouri, Vandy and Mississippi State hurt pretty bad. We need to avoid any other Miss steps.

I think we definitely need to finish in top 4 to get a double bye. We don’t wanna take any chance of getting a 5 or 6 seed and possibly having to play LSU or Missouri again, if either of them were to pull an upset in the first round. And the only thing they are doing is hurting SOS and RPI regardless of a win and especially if we lose to them.

Unfortunately the way the brackets are designed the are on opposite sides of the bracket.

As all coaches say, the most important game is the next one

The 5 seed plays the winner of the 12 vs 13 game, which as of right now would be Mississippi St. vs Missouri. That wouldn’t be good, both have a bad RPI, but both are capable of upsets, especially Mississippi State.

The 6 seed plays the winner of the 11 vs 14 game, which as of right now would be Auburn vs LSU. Kind of same situation, although Auburn isn’t considering nearly as bad of a loss as the other 3 among the bottom 4 teams.

That’s why I’m saying you want the double bye so hopefully the other teams pick the bad teams apart first, so we don’t have to play them and risk hurting our RPI much. Playing an Alabama, Ole Miss, or Tennessee isn’t going to hurt nearly as much if they beat us on a neutral site.

I totally agree. Yes we don’t need to look beyond the A&M game.

Very true the next game is the most important. We need to win these next 4 games. We are a much better team than our record reflects. It’s just nice for our hogs to play well.
Win or loose I’m a hog fan and our coach is here to stay!
Beat Texas A&M!!!