Win at Kentucky

This was a big, big , big win. This was way bigger than beating a 5 win team. I know. say what you will about KY, it means so much. I also know about Q123s and all that, but I promise, when you win at KY, it means more.

Most importantly, it means a lot to the guys. They know how much talent KY has (heck, it would not surprise me to see them win the SEC Tourney).

Should the Hogs go on to have a really good to great Feb and make it to the NCAA, they can point to this game. It could mean a whole lot.


The sad solemn looks on the KY fans near the end was priceless. ESPN did a good job of panning the cameras around Rupp to catch those. This win is huge for so many reasons.

Really hoping they finish 11th (which they are now) or lower in the standings. Unless COVID has changed the brackets from prior years this will mean they have to play on Wednesday in Nashville.

Would be much harder to win 5 in a row than 3 (as is their normal slotting).

The only way that would change is if enough teams opt out that there are 10 or fewer teams playing in Nashville. If it got down to 8, everybody would only play 3 games. But 11 or more require games on Wednesday, even if only one (say a 10 vs. 11). The number of teams getting byes could change depending how many teams show up.

couldn’t agree more. said the same thing yesterday before the game. Thought this was biggest game of year. It just matters more.

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