Wilson's addition could boost Arkansas secondary (story)


So, is it “should” or “could”? I feel could is the correct answer, but your topic headline and article headline are different, and have somewhat different meanings.

Should or could? Of course, I would say both are correct.

Should: I think he can bring a lot to the team and does not have to play to be a big help. He has played a lot for a very successful program. He went to school for the right reason which should be a big help. He can help if it is on the Scout team or a backup or even starting. Any of those are a real help.

Could: You never rule out perhaps. Heck, he may be an all SEC player. We just don’t know at this time. I don’t think there is much doubt he could have helped on the field at times this past year when we just ran out of players.

It is just an unknown at this time, but I sure like having this type player on the team.

He has great measureables, everything you looking for as far as size, but the unbelievable difference in competition that he will be facing will be enormous, looking forward to seeing how this pans out, glad he’s here early


I reserve judgement on should until I get to see him up close and in action

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