Willie Taggert Fired

Not really referring to you - others said it’s unheard of an just can’t be done. We’d be looked at like lepers doing something so outrageous.

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Lets see who they get before claiming this is the right move.

No one has failed more spectacularly than Morris, Taggert was bad, not any worse than Morris.

The record says he’s the worst coach in the FBS.

I know that I suggested that firing Morris after the San Jose State game would have been a bad look for the program.

I don’t think any outside observers would look askance at a firing now, with a fuller body of work that suggests the result in week 4 was not an aberration.

So Taggert is available?

Just kidding

You joke, but I could actually see that happening

Even if FSU had not fired Taggert it would not have looked bad for Arkansas to dismiss Morris given his pathetic performance thus far…


They have certainly set the bar now - they just fired a guy in his second year with a much better record than Morris and a much more accomplished coach overall.

For those worried about PR issues… not a darn thing to worry about. In fact, keeping Morris given his record of ineptitude would suggest FSU truly cares about football and we do not.

FSU is in better position to make this move than we are to fire Morris, regardless of their respective win-loss record.

They are in worse shape financially - lots of info out there about this fact.

His buyout equal to CB and Morris combined.

No they’re not. We have two big problems they don’t. One they didn’t just spend $160 million on a stadium overhaul. Two, they don’t have a big buyout on the last coach hanging over their heads; Jimbo left on his own. You and I both know Bielema was in breach of the effort to find a new job clause, but he’s going to tie that up in court for months and we could lose.

Bert + Chad buyout = Taggert buyout

Knew you couldn’t stay out of fifth-grade mode indefinitely.

Bret + Chad + stadium bonds >>>> Taggert buyout

Do you have a great grasp on FSU’s capital spending in athletics and elsewhere on campus?

Didn’t think so… do some research.

Was it my imagination or did it not say in the article that FSU’s “Seminole Foundation” (don’t remember exactly what it was called) raised $40 million on a proposed $60 million renovation, then a few paragraphs later had raised $1.15 Billion for the school? I assume that means they have a lot more money for the Taggart buyout.

Also, their AD said that their “foundation” has been footing the bills and he wants the FB program to be self sufficient. I believe the RF has been footing ours as well, without the $1.15 billion donated

Yep, but that doesn’t fit with Jackson’s monomania so it gets ignored.

All of this is to say that CM may still get whacked, but it’s not such a cut-and-dried decision.

I personally think we should have the money, based off what was supposedly offered to Gus and his staff, and what was supposedly being offered to Beard and his staff. We have a huge pay differential in both sports. Should be able to come up with the money.

Just I agree with what was said above it’s not an apples to apples comparison

I think Gus was a situation of some big money people on the Gus Bus who were essentially willing to cover his salary themselves. Gus burned them and it isn’t happening again.

Seems like two years ago certain people were going “no way we can’t hire a better coach than Bielema”. Well, 4-16 says otherwise. The ready-fire-aim approach didn’t work then. I hope we do better now.

Don’t be too surprised if some of that big money shows up again…Just sayin :wink:

Who? Gus had big Springdale money in his pocket, and I think you know who I mean. They really, really wanted him. I don’t see that for Norvell or anyone else who is a realistic candidate.