Willie Taggert Fired

Do you can fire a 2nd year coach… imagine that.

Apples and oranges. They are in and next door to the richest recruiting in the country and they have the money to solve their problem. Other than being next to Texas, we don’t have their luxuries.

Their finances are a mess - do some research. Yet they will find a way to handle the $18mm buyout.

It’s apples and oranges but not for the reasons you state. At least Taggart won a conference game. Something CCM has NOT done! HY should do the same thing today and hand the interim reigns over to CBL. (Coach Barry Lunney)

I just hope we don’t jack around. If we are going to let him go WE need to go ahead and DO it.

Also, the argument has been no school can fire a coach in year two because it will scare away other coaches who think it’s “unfair.”


I have done the research. I’m sure they will, but my point remains.

Again, FSU is attractive for reasons we aren’t.

I agree with Jackson. They are a mess. They are sinking. Firing Taggert slowed that process. Firing Morris could speed up that process for us but I’m on the side that it’ll fix the leak.

If you’ve done the research you know their finances are in bad shape.

I don’t agree with this. Why would anyone want to go to FSU anymore?

You are wrong on their financial situation. You really should fact check more before you post. Lots of inaccurate information you throw around.


Ok fine, on the financial part.

But most of my information I “throw around” is very accurate most of the time.

The players would rather go to Clemson Florida Georgia or Bama. They aren’t interested in FSU. They were interested in Bowden. It’s why fisher left. They are done.

Actually they don’t have the money.

Taggart was a worse hire than Morris, but at least they made the move before season’s end, now everyone knows the FSU job is open. We need to do the same at Arkansas, don’t wait until after the Mizzou game.

Watch the rumor mill on FSU. If they get too close to HY’s target to replace Morris we may see Morris jettisoned before the season is over in an attempt to make sure we get our guy.

Sounds crazy, but that is what I’ve heard - HY has his target and is just waiting for the year to finish before putting the plan in place. And, he will be proactive only if he has to, preferring to let Chad finish this the way Chad wishes (which is to finish the season).

I have never mentioned it being unfair.

I have never said he should be fired or not.

I have never said that it will keep them for getting a good or great coach.

I have said - and will continue to say - that iI believe it will limit the amount of candidates.

I still think that.

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