Williams entering draft, will not hire an agent

I didn’t think he would actually do it but he owes it to himself to find out. Most of the mock drafts I saw last week did not have him in the top 30. I don’t think he’s shown enough offense probably to be a first round pick but I guess we’ll see.

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Just like going to a interview, to get used to the process. He’s earned that for sure, but I agree, he’s got things to come back and work on,


It’s probably a good move, but like everyone else, I think he’d be better served coming back. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can be objective about that. I want him to return because he’d be such a help for next year’s team.


I would have been surprised if he didn’t dip his toes in the draft water. I don’t think he’ll get a draftable grade though.

Most draft experts have JWill from mid-thirties to low forties. Not really good enough for guaranteed money. He should test the waters and get feedback. But unless he wants to spend the next couple of years in the G-League or overseas, he should come back for one more year.


That’s what I saw when I look too

Yep, make more money right here at home.

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So what is the actual timing here? I think the article say he has until June 1. Realistically wil it take that long? He is the only big we have currently. I hope we don’t have to wait that long to know one way or the other.

Times have changed as far as 2nd rd draft picks. Nearly all 2nd rders got guaranteed contracts in the last draft. NBA teams cover them as a cheaper option than vets on the downside of their careers.
Also, it works to the players advantage too. Prove yourself and you can actually get started on that second, more lucrative, contract earlier than a 1st rider.

JWill has earned it to test the NBA waters and see how he grades out this year. Going about the process wisely to. Yes I think like the rest here, he should come back. But have learned not to be shocked if he doesn’t. Will wish him well, the man has also earned anything he desires to do with much respect.

Aimaq is also going through the draft process, so their paths could well intertwine.

IMO Jaylin is a little different case for the NBA draft than most of the other players mentioned in the mock drafts. I remember in late January, I saw a top 100 list of players for the NBA draft. Jaylin’s name was not even on that list.

The last half of this season, he has continued to get better and better. He’s received tons of national media attention and that is at least getting the attention of the NBA scouts and GMs.

The latest mock draft I saw had him at #35. That is a meteoric climb from outside of the top 100. I hope the draw of a possible Final Four (or Nat’l Championship), with all the incoming talent, will be a huge draw for Jaylin. Maybe he would even choose that over a bottom of the 1st round draft spot.


That’s what we’re all hoping for, Larry.

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