William and Scofield...

Man, those 2 guys are some men.

Looks like 2 slightly bigger versions of Corliss.

Impressive win against a really good, really well coached team.

OU also knocks of undefeated #10 TCU on the road which will also help RPI

Not really, and not much. OU was lower than us in RPI this morning. Now they’re above us, all the way up to #3 according to live-rpi.com, which has us at #9, possibly up to #8 if current leads in other games involving our opponents hold up.

They are grown men for sure. Scofield isn’t bigger than Corliss. Corliss was 6-6 or 6-7 240. Scofield is 6-4. Scofield is a similar weight but Corliss sure played bigger/thicker.

Williams sorta reminds me of Corliss. Undersized but strong. Good interior moves and nice midrange game. He’s got better hops than Corliss did but Corlisss was Big Nasty (still one of the best nicknames ever).

Scholfield is a one yoked dude. However, he is really a spot up shooter at heart.

A 6’4 240lb SG LOL. He also hits the boards too.

Williams is very similar to Corliss with the long arms and post moves - but he’s no Big Nasty.

Agreed. Corliss will probably deservedly be in the college basketball HOF one day. I’m just saying Wilkiams reminds me of him in terms of style.

Williams’ dunk today even reminded me a little bit of when Corliss hammered on Mashburn on a press break in Barnhill.