Will we still need a hammer back?

In the Morris system? I would imagine the H&H boys are tailor made for what the new coach wants to do. What about Kendrick Jackson, Hayden Johnson and the big back who red shirted last year? Do they become linebackers?

Hayden can play TE. I don’t know if Morris uses any H-Back in his system or not, but Hayden can certainly do that. Kendrick was moved to FB originally because he hits like a hammer but was not quick enough laterally to play LB, so his role is not immediately apparent.

I don’t think Morris had the luxury at SMU to have true FBs for short yardage, etc. and I have no recollection at all if he used FBs at Clemson. On the other hand, I’m not sure he ever got to coach two FBs like that in college, so he may adapt a bit to use the available talent in limited situations.