Will we sign 24 or 25, Dudley or Richard

How do you see the final 2 finishing up?

Calloway will be #24. Then it looks pretty good on Richardson and Epley. I guess one of them will get the 25th scholarship and the other will get one in the fall.

Gabe Richardson and Ty Clary are slated to be blue shirts at last report.

I’m still not sure they will go to 25.

Lot of people tend to forget this is not so much about 25 as it is the 85 - which there still has to be some subtracting from if it is 24 or 25.

I believe at last count they are still three over

I’m glad it’s not my job to work out the numbers.

We will sign:

24 or 25 RED shirts - I guess this is what you call guys signing normally…

3 - Blue shirts - early enrollee , 2018 scholarship

Some Grey shirts - Maybe they will come, maybe they won’t

5 white shirts - walk on’s

9 green shirts - January enrollee’s

Lose some black shirts - guys that leave

zero pink shirts - Hopefully…

5 headaches trying to figure all this out
:wink: :wink:

Nothing has changed my mind on Chevin signing with Arkansas. I expect him to make it official tomorrow.

I believe they will hold a spot open for a transfer.