Will we see Austin throw deep....................

…because we know he has a nice touch and power on the deep throw? There has been only one game this year where he has hit some deep throws, I think against Ole Miss, deep slants over the middle where the safeties got sucked up to cover Sprinkle and Morgan crossing shallow over the middle.

We will need some running success to make that happen. If they can ignore our run and max rush Austin knowing we have to throw it, deep passing will not be an option.

I hope that the Oline can protect long enough for the short passing game to tweak the LB’s and Safeties. I am not confident that Austin will have time for the longer developing routes.

I’m not sure what the Razorback offense will be able to do. Rather than being deflated by their loss to Bama, LSU’s defense is more likely to be emboldened by their successes in that game. Their speed is unreal. And it’s not like they have the pressure of getting into the playoffs or even the SEC championship game.

I haven’t seen them play like that all year. Probably will be a very difficult game for the Razorbacks to win, IMO.

That may turned out to be the truth, but that hasn’t been the case in the last two match-ups between the two.

If Allen is healthy, the Hog offense should be playing at their best.