Will we hear from CMA and the players tonight?

I’m assuming they’ll be leaving for Providence tomorrow afternoon, usually after a post season bid, the media will interview coaches and players. Scottie or Dudley, do you know if you guys plan to speak to them before they leave?

So many Hog fans on twitter pissed that we are in it. I hope they don’t say a word and just go in and handle business.

Me too

Who cares about those people, short of a national championship, they are going to complain no matter what CMA does. I personally want to hear from them and see their body language and how they feel about the NIT invite. In the NIT, the team that usually wants to be there the most typically wins. A 4 seed has won the whole thing the last 3 years.

We just need to come out and play like RAZORBACKS

The trolls are upset because they think accepting NIT bid means MA won’t be fired. Which may or may not be true.

There of course there’s the “NCAA or nothing” sentiment, that NIT is somehow beneath us. Some of that is from the same people I described in the first paragraph.

Something seems off to me… not sure if it’s a good off or bad off. But, literally nobody that’s tied to the basketball/athletic program is saying anything about the NIT invite right now. Coach Z didn’t even tweet anything about it, and he literally tweets about any and everything the hog basketball team does. Hunter Yuracheck didn’t post a tweet congratulating them on an invite or anything, and none of the players have tweeted anything about it. Only thing that’s been put out was a tweet from the official Razorback twitter giving the time it will be on TV.

It could be nothing, but just seems really odd. I know the NIT is not where you want to be, but I seem to remember the last time we got an NIT invite there was an interview with CMA right after they announced we were going and you heard people in the program at least acknowledging it exists lol.

I’m seeing some of these guys (you know the ones that say they don’t hate Mike) saying they hope Providence blows us out, so HY doesn’t have a choice and fires him.

I mean c’mon, how can you say that and say you like Mike?

Here are my thoughts on that. If they and especially HY post anything positive it will create a whirlwind of negativity. I think it’s best nobody says anything. Bunch of keyboard warriors on twitter right now ready to attack players, coaches, admin and everything. These fellas are going on a business trip and feel alone enough right now. A lot of them have vented frustration about the negativity they’ve heard all year. Best bet for them right now is to stay off of Social Media and take care of business.

Good read.

I didn’t even think of that, maybe coaches, players, and AD got together and agreed to just focus and not post on social media about the team and the NIT. That very well could be it.

I’m guessing we’ll learn more at the press conference before they take off for providence tomorrow. I really am curious to here CMA’s thoughts on where the team is right now and how the team’s mindset is moving into the NIT.

I don’t do twitter. Glad I don’t. I don’t get why anyone would be upset. Shaking my head.

I read the responses to the “here’s when we play” tweet. It started at “NOBODY cares” and got worse from there. I don’t blame them a bit for ignoring the noise. Maybe it even puts a chip on their collective shoulder.

Twitter is good for getting information and following your favorite players, media personality, etc. But man, it’s where trolls thrive. It’s really bad. Any post that is Arkansas basketball related they absolutely flood it with negative posts, Chris has a good point on that. And it’s always the same people, it can’t be more than the same 10-15 people with nothing to do that are just obsessed with Mike Anderson. And I’ve seen some fake accounts that have changed their name to “FireMikeAnderson” and “MedicoreMike” that I think are just the same trolls with multiple accounts.

I’m not a Charles Barkley fan, but he said something, that I couldn’t agree with more. He said “I don’t do twitter or social media, because all those places do is give idiots a voice and make them feel important.” He was exactly right on that, it’s pretty much what people do on social media. I have friends on facebook that I’ve known for years since I was a kid, and they have like a pretend life on Facebook and try to make it seem like they are important and doing so much, but I know them personally and they aren’t doing half the stuff they are saying they do on facebook, but just post stuff to see how many “likes” they can get.

No kidding about twitter. If social media can affect an election, it can sure cause coaches to get fired. Wonder if social media was around during Nolan’s early years, he would have survived it. Thank god there was no social media, we wouldn’t have our only national championship.

No, Nolan just had the managing editor of the state’s main newspaper all but saying he didn’t know anything about basketball and the editor could do a better job of coaching than Nolan could. Then he unleashed _ally _all to back up his BS. John Robert Starr is long since dead; _ally is still at it.

Just now seeing this thread, I apologize. We’re going to speak with Mike tomorrow morning around 10:30 on the SEC coaches postseason teleconference. We should also have a press conference tomorrow prior to the team flying out, but we’re unsure on the time for that right now.

Coach Anderson will talk on Monday.

I know that just as some are frustrated with the Razorbacks’ season, some of the Razorbacks are frustrated with the way fans have gone at the head coach - and some of the players - with such vitriol and hatred.

There are plenty of reasons to be critical, but some - certainly in other places - have taken it over the top.

There’s a name for people like that, I won’t say it but the first letter is an H.