Will we get Franks for 2 years now?

I know the NCAA claims you get this year back with no penalties, but I just am not sure how they will handle the 1 year transfers. They transfer knowing they only have one year… I just find it hard to think the NCAA will not look at that as a unique situation and not give them an extra year. Plus the fact every time there has been a situation the NCAA rules on something, it generally is not something that Arkansas ever gains from. It generally seems to screw us.

So could we really be looking at Franks here for 2 years… granted we don’t know if he will even have this year yet it could still be cancelled… just looking ahead.

Even if the NCAA grants the extra year, the player may choose not to play. If Franks wants to try the NFL, he will leave. If he wants to continue his graduate school studies under scholarship, he may stay. Also, just because the NCAA grants an extra year of eligibility doesn’t mean the school has to keep the player on scholarship. I think it was discussed here that the number of scholarships hasn’t expanded, just the individual eligibility. We will still have a new recruiting class that will be coming in.

Would be very shocked if he chose to do that, this year will be a challenging year and he’s likely to want to move on, anything’s possible but in this case highly unlikely he stays past this year.

The scholarship limit will be expanded by the number of seniors who return for one year, so Franks and any other senior could stay if they wish without affecting the limit. If all 22 of the seniors on the current roster chose to return, and they were all on scholarship (they aren’t), we could have 107 on scholarship. But if any current freshmen-sophs-juniors elect to take the extra year after 2021, then you get into scholarship issues with the 85.

Bikehog is correct that not everyone will choose to remain. Grad transfer, or enter the NFL draft (Boyd and probably Franks) or just go get a job. We will have a recruiting class where the numbers are unaffected by the temporary situation.

Interesting side note: Only five of our 22 seniors didn’t redshirt. Of course one of those is a walk-on long snapper who is a grad transfer, and another is Boyd, who went from A&M to juco to here.

“Not so fast my friend”

If Arkansas shocks the world and wins 6 games with all this youth on the team and their a major personel due to the elite of the BIG10 & PAC 12 jumping ship as senior transfers, he may be thinking:

We could win the whole d### thing with Heisman hype…

Just saying you never know

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