Will We Crack the Top 25 This week?

With Cincy and Carolina losing yesterday and our back to back road wins, surely we’ll move up? I’m guessing we may not crack top 25 bc of how poorly we played vs Bama and State but who knows? Keep winning and move up the pecking order for better bowl game. Sticks in my craw that we let A&M game slip through our hands.

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Arkansas might get some votes, but given the current state of BYU (which lost again Friday night) and Auburn, I don’t think many voters will be moved by the last two weeks.

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At 5-3 with a bad loss to what’s shaping up to be a bad aTm team (plus the close call with Mo St), I don’t think so. I don’t think a win over Liberty will do it either. Beat Liberty and LSU, very likely. Beat Ole Miss as well, top twenty for sure.

Gotta dig out of the hole of lower pollster expectations after some early poor performances, convince them the Hogs are back on track.

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No, but that’s OK. Just keep winning from here on out.


Liberty may make it in. They were 27th and at least 3 teams will probably drop out.

To be candid, with our losses and continued difficulties in execution miscues, and defensive breakdowns we are not a Top Twenty Team this year. That should not take away from outstanding individual efforts and talent. If there was a rating for offensive lines we are without doubt within the Top Ten. Hopefully, playing four quarters in each of the remaining games for comparison with other 3 loss teams will lead to a Top Twenty or even Top Fifteen ranking. Winning against LSU and Ole Miss would be recognized nationally by the Tuesday before our closeout against Missouri on the Monday 25th.

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