Will we be able to watch GT Game on Espn watch

has ACCN on there and where I live the cable comp has yet to get it for some stupid reason.

upcoming schedule for basketball shows the Arkansas -Gtech game as ACCN with a lock symbol. I would take that to mean you must have ACC network access in order to watch it thru the internet.

exactly what I was afraid of!:frowning_face::frowning_face:

SEC network in my area of Northern Kentucky is carrying the Tennessee vs UT-Chattanooga basketball showdown at 7pm est.
Network programmers with any college basketball IQ would likely come to the conclusion that more viewers would find the Arkansas vs Georgia Tech matchup a much more appealing game to watch.
As discussed in another thread the SEC network needs a major upgrade in management, talent and programming.
What they primarily have become is the Alabama Football / Kentucky Basketball network and I would guess that their ratings have probably declined since its debut.

Go Hogs!

Except that this game is not under the control of SECN in any shape, form or fashion. It’s under ACCN which has its own set of priorities (showing it in Arkansas is clearly not one of them).

UA hoops schedule has a link to stream the ACC Network feed tonight. That’s what I’ll be doing. If that means I watch on my laptop instead of my TV, so be it. That’s also what I did last night for the women’s game which was a Pac-12 network stream.

In central arkansas, uverse now has the acc network. Not sure about directv.

I have Comcast so no. However my son found a way. Sign up for Hulu 7 day free trial. They have the acc network and it shows our game. Cancel before 7 days you’re not out anything

I have DirectTV and the ACC Network is channel 612. I had no idea I had it, but I tried it last night and I was able to watch.

Actually I forgot that YouTubeTV now has ACCN so I’ll be able to watch it that way.

Anyone know if Hulu or Roku picks up the ACC Network?

Same with me

Hulu With Live TV has ACCN, yes. As far as I know Roku is just a means to deliver other streaming services like Hulu With Live or YouTube TV. If those services have ACCN, then you can get it through Roku.

More on that subject:

Watching ACCN on Roku, etc.

As Swine has mentioned, YouTube TV has ACC Network. You can always sign up for YouTube TV and do their free preview for a few days and cancel if you don’t want to actually commit to it. Sign up is easy, and you can be watching within a few minutes.

The game is available on WatchESPN. ACC Network is part of ESPN family just like SEC Network.

402 on dish

I figured it was on directv also. All of the contracts seem to be negotiated by ATT now instead Directv doing their own contracts. I think it’s only a matter of time until AT&T spins off Directv to beef up their stock. You might not want to be a Directv subscriber when that happens. AT&T would love to sell it to Dish, but the government would probably squash that.

doesnt work says my provider doesn’t carry ACCN which is what I was thinking.

If you have Apple TV, go to Razorback school
Site, hit accn, then transfer from computer, iPhone, or iPad to the Apple TV and you can watch that way. How I watched women’s game sunday

I just downloaded YouTube TV it has it. Then I will just cancel after the game

ACCN is part of my Sling TV package