Will we be a top 8 seed?

If so what seed do you think?

Yes…I’ll guess 6th.

I think Arkansas will be fifth behind Vanderbilt, UCLA, Mississippi State and Georgia.

I’ll say 7th - maybe 8th depending on how some late-charging teams (in other conferences) finish. But so long as we’re in the top 8, I’m good.

D1 Baseball agrees with you completely, except they have UCLA as the 1 seed. Louisville, T-Tech and G-Tech are 6-7-8, by the way.

I just think the selection committee will like Vanderbilt’s resume more than UCLA’s. Right now Vandy has more wins, a higher RPI and eight more wins vs. Q1 opponents. Vandy won by two games a league that will have four of the top eight seeds, and potentially six regional hosts.

Quite possible. D1B might be off a line or two, but they’re not going to be off four lines, which is what it would take for us to lose the top-8 seed.

Our RPI dipped to 7 today, BTW. Okie Lite jumped over us with two straight wins in OKC. They play in the LD semis tomorrow. But no one is seriously suggesting Okie Lite as a top 8 seed. East Carolina will get one of those before the Pokes do.

Definitely. I’ll say 6-seed. Closer to 5th than 7th.

I would like to see them play like a top 8 seed!

They will NEED to if they want to get to the super regional .

Having played in the SEC and facing top flight pitching every night will help their hitters in the NCAA tournament. Of course, they will ultimately be playing SEC teams before it’s over. There may be four or five SEC teams at Omaha.

Yes, I believe the Hogs are still a national seed.

to reach a Super? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s D1 Baseball’s projection as of this morning 5/25. They have us the #5 National Seed still.

https://d1baseball.com/projections/coll … 64-may-25/

1 Arkansas (5)\t\t1 Stanford (12)
4 Omaha*\t\t 4 Harvard*

3 Florida Atlantic* 3 Michigan
2 Creighton*\t\t2 UC Santa Barbara*

I saw that projection a little while ago and i’d take it in a NY minute.

Not only is it a Regional made-to-order to get us back on track offensively, but I like the pairing with Stanford (assuming they get out of their regional). I’d really like to avoid having to play another SEC team just to advance to Omaha, as we did last year.

As Clay points out, there is no avoiding SEC rematches if you’re going to play in Omaha - sooner or later, you’ll run into 1 or 2. But I think our home field advantage is greater for non-SEC teams that are not accustomed to coming into an environment like Baum-Walker. Stanford is an accomplished baseball program, but they average less than 2,000 fans at their home field, and the program has not been to Omaha in a decade now, so none of their current players will have experienced anything like the atmosphere at Baum-Walker if they were to play there.

The same would be true for most any non-SEC opponents we play at home. Our conference foes, however, are used to playing in environments like that across the SEC, and many of them will have played in Baum-Walker previously.