Will Wade's SAO headed to independent review panel

Which is the same place that Kansas’ case is headed.

In requesting that the case be referred to the IARP, NCAA enforcement chief Jonathan Duncan wrote that Wade arranged for, offered or provided impermissible payments including cash to at least 11 athletes, their families or people associated with the players, to get those players to sign with LSU. You can be certain that a particular strong-ass offer was one of those 11.

Wade can be fired for cause if the NCAA accuses him of either a Level I or Level 2 violation. This is almost certainly Level 1, probably multiple Level 1s. We’ll see if LSU has the cojones, or the audacity, to keep him with this dangling over their heads.

It is also possible (the NCAA hasn’t said) that the case against LSU football is also included in the IARP referral; Duncan requested that, and LSU wouldn’t say if it happened. This would be important because charges against both major sports at the same time would be highly suggestive of the dreaded lack of institutional control, which is itself a Level 1 violation. The football charges involve a booster who stole money from a hospital foundation and used it to make payments to current and former football players, along with giving players jobs that did not require they actually, you know, show up.

IARP is handling cases involving Memphis and NC State, along with Kansas and LSU. Since IARP has not yet decided a case, we don’t know if they’ll go easy on schools, throw the book at them or waver between the two extremes for no apparent reason. My bet in Vegas would be on wavering.

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What is this ARP deal? Is this a kind of pass the buck or hot potato scenario? The NCAA needs to drop the hammer a couple of times and some of this cheating might cease or, at least, be less outrageous. If the NCAA is too soft to do its job, then maybe the NCAA needs to cease as an organization.

IARP is intended to handle more complicated cases. I am not sure what’s so complicated about Will Wade buying 11 players, but the NCAA investigators recommended it. It may be because they’re also considering the football charges with the rogue booster ripping off the foundation to pay LSU players.

In my opinion a “INDEPENDENT” judgement spells bad news for LSU because they have absolutely no financial connection.

My question is if judgement is handed down prior to the start of basketball season, do the LSU players who returned with hopes of a national title

I would agree, particularly if the football charges are included. And I suspect they are; otherwise LSU would let that tidbit leak out.

LSU’s football title doesn’t seem to be in danger; the payments are reportedly in the 2012-17 time frame. OBJ flashing cash after the NCG in January is a low level violation, and LSU already put some recruiting restrictions on Orgeron for making contact at the wrong time.

But I can’t see how Javonte Smart could possibly be eligible if IARP confirms the SAO. And who knows which other players were involved.


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