Will Wade

Will not testify. ESPN’s ticker just showed it. Also Sean Miller. Testimony ruled irrelevant

Gets those guys off the hook-for now. They still have to worry about whether the NCAA is going to end up with damaging evidence collected by the feds, or if the NCAA manages to actually do a competent investigation and discovers bad stuff on its own.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That’s a joke! The NCAA created this mess by turning a blind eye to all the crooked actions and finding ways to let N Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas cheat to where it is impossible for them to take any action at all.
Consider this. Wade lied in an interview to his employer in September and then refuses to talk to them gets suspended and get to go back to work. Where’s the institutional control by LSU?
That don’t happen at a school that has integrity and moral standards.

N C A A won’t do a blasted thing.

The North Carolina & LSU results just greenlighted every power 5 program to operate in a very, very shady area.

Kinda like if you see everyone traveling on I-95 doing 85 in a 70 then why am I the only one doing 70mph…

Agree it encourages the shady area, but I bet if we get caught we will get slammed hard.

Just look at BYU! They got hit hard for a lot less than what Auburn, Arizona, North Carolina, Kansas, LSU and Louisville have done. The lie and deny tactic works with the current leadership of the NCAA.