Will Wade to Meet LSU officials and the NCAA on Friday.

I guesss all the high priced players have declared for the NBA draft so they need him to be able to pay the next crop to field a team next year!
The joke is on the NCAA and LSU for trying to keep the Cheater!
5 players declared for the NBA draft from last seasons LSU team. Smart is one of those.

Wasn’t it great we beat that cheating team full of NBA guys at their place and almost in OT at our place? Enjoyed that,

PJ yes it was. We just needed to make our free throws and it wouldn’t have ever went to OT!

wonder if he’ll accept their "buyout offer"or if he continues to state that he was misquoted or it was misinterpreted…LSU will be looking for a new coach…

I wonder if he will get up and shut the door when he goes in to talk to them :grinning:

All I know is if Wade is canned by LSU, it’s good that we got Musselman when we did because LSU would for sure go after him.

I had the same thought. I was nervous that we might hire Richard Pitino or Steve Alford and then LSU would get Musselman.

LSU may end up with Slick Rick. He would fit right in! Wade is a dirt bag. Maybe he can survive and get a lifetime contact like his big brother at Kentucky.

Wade has had several weeks to come up with a cover story about how his strong-ass offer wasn’t really trying to buy Smart. I doubt it’s a good one, but we’ll see.

The fans want to keep Wade and the unpopular AD knows that he has to fire Wade. I can’t see a way that Wade can survive this, but then again nothing surprises me.

I would actually like to see him back because they should suck next year.

My money is on Wade says nothing that hasn’t been either prepared or approved by his attorneys.

Undoubtedly, but remember what got Bruce Pearl’s show-cause. It wasn’t inviting Aaron Craft over for barbecue. It was lying to the NCAA about it. He’s got a fine line to walk between incriminating himself and lying through his teeth.

Since he’s hired the troubleshooter for coaches with NCAA problems, that seems like a sure thing. I am sure that the lawyer has been woodshedding Wade for days to get him ready for this meeting.

The meeting may or may not come to much, with LSU, the NCAA and Wade all sitting there. No matter what happens in the meeting there could also be trouble later if the judge denies the fed prosecutor’s motion to keep Wade from testifying at the upcoming criminal trial of one of the pay-for-play defendants.


I had the same thought. I was nervous that we might hire Richard Pitino or Steve Alford and then LSU would get Musselman.

[/quote]I was worried about the samething. Glad we move on him when we did.

You guys have a much higher opinion of the NCAA than I do. It wouldn’t surprise me if the result of the meeting ends up being the full reinstatement of Wade. I would expect the NCAA to wilt like a flower in winter if his attorney threatens to sue the NCAA and LSU.

Yep, they lost virtually everyone and aren’t/can’t replace them with much. They could very well go from SEC Champs to bottom feeders next season.

Some of the Corndogs could pull their names out of the draft if Wade is retained. They haven’t signed with agents yet. But with a new coach, they turn into catfish.

Well, they can come back by May 15 (?) even if they sign with an agent. Isn’t that the new rule?

So if Wade gets reinstated he will have plenty of time to make some strong-ass offers to get those guys back.

“Elite players” (not yet defined) are able to sign only with agents who are NCAA-certified. Until the NCAA figures out how to certify agents, any NBPA certified agent is considered certified for this rule. Those elite players must also request evaluation by the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee, which most of them will probably do. But are all five of those Corndogs considered elite? I doubt it.