Will Wade reinstated...

By LSU per their AD.

The Wild Wild West of NCAA basketball continues. I’m not surprised.

Not surprised. LSU literally can’t afford to fire and hire any new coach right now.

And the cheating continues .

Incredible. LSU has no shame.

I can’t wait to read the BS PR statement from LSU and Wade.

It’s wrestling.

Good. Let’s get it behind us. Maybe now we can stop with the incessant whining about LSU cheating. Who cares? Beat them. Figure out how, and beat them.

We did beat them on their court. Wasn’t for a few missed FT’s & obvious biased refs we would have swept them.

Hold on let me shut the door here…

You mean LSU made Wade a strong *** offer and reinstated him? That’s shocking :lol:

He didn’t catch the game, he was too busy watching mid-major basketball in the Big east that night.

No, actually I was busy trying to put a team together to beat your rec league team, Blu. Trying to find as many ex, mid major Big East players as I can. Walter Berry, Pearl Washington, Ed Pinckney — maybe I’ll get Lou Carneseca to coach us. Trying to build a little credibility with you. Up hill battle, I know.

I think reinstatement because of litigation fears. Bet firing will happen later after few more facts are known