Will Wade must be selling alternate facts

Four star PG and Louisina player of the year Jalen Cook has committed to LSU.

As long as he isn’t going to face any punishment, then I would expect him to continue signing top talent. No matter how he does it.

The NCAA is writing a very stern letter warning them if they do it again, they will get another stern letter.

Fetch… The Comfy Chair!!! (duh-duh-duh-duuuuummmm!)


Don’t worry. As SF and Baked constantly tell us, the NCAA is on the case. Wade will get his. You’ll see.

Then Muss can get the transfers when the hammer comes down on Wade?
Or Cal is lying in wait.

Cute. As if you have any idea what you’re talking about

Seems that alternative facts have a certain level of validity for vulnerable individuals in today’s society.

Probably green in color.

Ummm, you may want to reread my comments, I’ve never said the NCAA would do anything to LSU.