Will TX go after Muss?

If they can’t get Self or Beard, I wonder if they come for our coach

It’s already being discussed on Yahoo Sports.

Muss is not going to Texas. That would be solely a money grab and that’s not what makes this guy tick. He does love the history of the game so our risk is Indiana, Kansas should Self lose his job at some point or as many have said UCLA. Southern California weather may be hard for him to turn down. We all need to pull for Mick Cronin for years…

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I agree that Muss is about more than money. Texas has an abundance of money. They also have a horrible reputation for meddling with athletic department hires. I think that we have a chance to keep Muss if we pay pay him top tier money. I have been dreading this scenario because I knew that we would have to fend off many strong programs to keep him.

I have one final thought. Muss could prove to be the best coach our program has ever had and I damn sure don’t want to lose him to the #!!!# Longhorns.

I had not thought about that until you mentioned it. Muss grew up in San Diego.

FWIW, Wally says Coach Cal is interested in Texas job. I hope that does not happen. I don’t like the possibility of UK job coming open.


Muss ain’t going to Texas or Indiana. Texas doesn’t care about college basketball. That was true 30 years ago, and it’s still true now. Coach Richardson, God Bless his soul, clowned Texas basketball in the 90’s, and not much has changed since. Every good coach they have had since jumps at the first opportunity to get out of Dodge. As far as Indiana, we have been better than them for most of the last 25 years. Their best player last year plays for us now. The Big 10 is vastly overrated, and there is a ton of dust on Indiana’s tradition. Hunter will pay Muss life changing money, and he will be our coach as long as he wants to be. Arkansas is a much better job than Texas or Indiana. Period. This sleeping giant is wide awake now. Go Hogs!

Wally would be the absolute last person to know. He’s not even informed about Arkansas sports anymore.

His schtick is regurgitating hogville rumors and overstating the obvious in his columns like it’s a novel idea. See the one this week suggesting Yurachek give Muss a raise if he wants to keep him. Hard hitting stuff indeed.


Most accurate post I’ve read in a while.

Chichi, “Anymore?” Are you implying that there was once a time when Wally WAS informed about UA Athletics?

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Who is _ally?

Seems that ut’s new AD does care about basketball (& other sports) & is willing to pay whatever it takes to win or “buy” championships. ut may have finally learned from aTm & their deep pockets.

If ut does not get Beard, they are looking hard at buying Calipari & pay the money. With Calipari locked in thru 2029 & $86M, seems unlikely but who knows. Hopefully Muss is not also being targeted by ut.

Looks like it is 100% Beard. Talk should be about who goes TT and not who goes to UT. I hear AD Dale Conte does care about BB. He thinks he has hit a home run with Sark and Beard.

I also think it would be Beard but I also think Self is about had all the Kansas he can take and the feeling is becoming mutual. WPS

Nobody’s going to touch Self right now until the NCAA mess at Kansas is cleared up, because he could very easily get a show cause order which essentially makes him unemployable in college.

I’m not sure there is an NCAA anymore.

When Scott Drew rumors for years and LSU coach caught by FBI and Auburn coach and Duke being too close to Nike recruiting money.

Living in Austin, it has seemed they will pay huge for Self, Beard, and I’m afraid Muss is next.

To those who say UT is not serious about basketball. That may have been true before but it isn’t now.

State of the art basketball arena going up, and that’s before they fired their basketball coach just days after he won their first Big 12 championship.

They will make Self or Beard close to if not highest paid coach in America and if they say no, I’m afraid our coach will have to say no to more serious money than Arkansas demonstrates willingness to pay for top expectations.

I’m more concerned that we are not going as big as needed to keep him.

You can go to TX and create a program that basically never existed or was sustained.

You don’t have to drive on a former coach’s avenue, play on a former coach’s court or work in another former coach’s practice facility named for him.

I think we are much better history and job.

But let’s not kid ourselves that Texas money and resources aren’t sometimes serious.

And I have hated TX ever since I held my dad’s hand as a kid when they beat us in football.

I hope TX locks Beard in fast

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They didn’t fire Shaka; he quit. Might be getting out of town before the hammer dropped, but it wasn’t a firing.

NCAA takes its time but it will get there. Okie Lite only got to play in the tournament because it appealed the penalty, and they were in the same scandal as LSU, Kansas, Arizona, Auburn, etc. Auburn couldn’t play in this year’s tournament either, although they weren’t good enough to make it anyway. LSU and Kansas are going to get theirs, particularly LSU because it’s lumped in there with the football booster who stole money to create a phony job for a player’s dad.

Something I read this morning that makes some sense: Texas has had a very bad year from a public relations standpoint, especially as related to recruiting Black athletes – the Eyes of Texas kerfluffle and the pushback from rich alums. They might look at a minority coach like Boynton at Okie Lite.

NCAA doing anything to Kansas and Self is right up there with spotting a unicorn in the backyard during half time of the Hog game today. I’ll believe it when I see it, but your right some might be wary of him until he’s cleared. WPS

Yes. Technically, Shaka was not fired.

More than technically he wasn’t fired. He in complete realty wasn’t fired. Shaka Smart had a 7 million plus buyout, and he was a minority coach at a school that had really messy minority grievances being aired. I’m completely sure a large segment of their fan base is glad it worked out the way it did, and I’m sure he was on the hot seat, but he wasn’t getting fired. Not his year.